Cast Deburring

Aluminium-Sand-casted products require special tools for deburring.

Remains of the form sand are very resitive to the tools and make them wear out quickly.

deburring cutterFor this problem we have developed a cost-efficient and effective solution - the cross-cut and longitudinal teeth cutters.

Made from hardened steel and with optimized teeth geometry these cutters ensure high material removal capabilities and smooth surfaces on the processed cast parts.

With these tools high quantities of parts can be finished in pneumatic or electrical devices.

longitudinal deburr cutterOnce the tools have been worn out they do not have to be thrown away but can be remanufactured several times and be used again. For that the teeth will be mechanically removed and new teeth will be applied on the body of the tool.

cross cut cutterBeside the environmental effect of the re-use of resources also the cost factor is a huge advantage compared to convential tools.

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